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Circles of women and meditation


The energy of the feminine is inside you, deep in your womb: join other women, practice, meditate, sing, dance, celebrate, seek healing, keep your heart open. Women who unite in a sacred circle are ready to change themselves and with them the world.

Many moons ago women used to gather in circle to help each other, to talk and lough, to celebrate life, to dance and sing, to awake their female energy, to share their knowledge and to heal themselves.

The world of today asks us a lot as women, as mothers, as wives, as workers, as daughters; and the stereotypes of the society usually makes us detach from our body, our real inner soul, our femininity.

I’m dreaming to create circles of women where we can practice and meditate together, where we can awake our female energy reconnecting with our body and, above all, our womb, where we can see each other as sisters and where the victory of one of us becomes the victory of the whole circle.

Women together know how to create a sacred space of power and transformation that cannot be explained; you just can experience it with your body, your emotions, your soul to bring that amazing force into your everyday life.

We usually gather with the full moon to connect with her powerful energy at the maximum potential, but circles of women and meditation ca be held in any moment of the month.

  • Awareness of the female archetypes meanings
  • Connection with your menstrual cycle
  • Relaxation in your body and your mind
  • More balance in your body and its movements
  • Inner view on yourself and the female world
  • New energy to know, feel and experience
  • Awarness of your womb, sacred space in your body, and its power
  • Harmony in yourself and with other women on the same path
  • Friendship, celebration, support, care, love and power