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WOMB BLESSING transformational experience

The Womb Blessing attunement is an energy process to align women to the universal female energies and to the Moon and the Earth. It is also aimed to awaken fully the four female energy archetypes that all women hold.

The Womb Blessing grounds you strongly in the Earth, connecting you to her energies and to your feminine soul; furthermore, it aligns you to the Light of the feminine spirit through the Mother archetype of the Full Moon. The change in vibration of the female energy centres during the attunement begins the transformational flow of Divine Feminine energy through the female archetypes, by bringing healing and awakening to repressed or dormant aspects, and to align your cyclic nature more fully with the cycles of the universal feminine.

A ‘Womb Blessing attunement’ means: an awakening of all aspects of your authentic female energies
to return to a sense of female wholeness, love, inner peace, sacredness and spiritual connection.

The energy attunement is given in person by a trained Moon Mother® through a series of hand positions and breaths.

  • a path of deep healing for your female energies and cycle
  • a powerful and personal path of awakening to your authentic femininity to embrace and express the full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that lies within you.
  • a new way of living and empowering your life
  • a monthly sanctuary to restore your energies and become ‘me’ again
  • a path of female personal development, awakening you to your full potential as a woman
  • a celebration of everything it means to be female

WOMB HEALING female energy balancing

It’s a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother® who focuses the Divine Feminine energy used in the Worldwide Womb Blessing in a series of hand positions on the three main female energy centres (different to the chakra system) and on specific energy points on the female body; all these points and centres relate to the energies of the four female archetypes. It is designed to counteract the effects of modern life by:

  • Replenishing depleted archetypal energy centres so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of our self.
  • Helping to harmonise the flow from one archetype / phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle
  • Energising the three main female energy centres, including the womb energy centre, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again.
  • Clearing blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.


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