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Numerology is a science that has 10,000 years, like all the esoteric sciences, gives you the opportunity to go deeper in the understanding of who you really are, what you came to do in this life, what is the path of your soul, what’s your mission, what instruments you have and what you came to learn in this life experience.

The fundamental point of view is the path of the soul in eternity. We are souls who are making experiences through a body. The soul is immortal and improves through paths, experiences, knowledge; therefore, it learns and evolves, it knows and feels things. The numbers that you find out in your name, surname and date of birth, give you an explanation of who you are and what you are living in this life. It is useful to give you an overview of your existence, it tells what experiences your soul is currently looking for and what it is trying to learn and do. Numerology can be very effective and helpful in offering you a clear direction in your life.

  • to have a clear view on the instruments that you have at disposal in your life
  • to clarify what’s the direction that you may follow to improve your existence
  • to understand what are your family roots
  • to know what are the important lessons to learn
  • to focus on your strenghts and be aware of your weaknesses
  • to know the mission and the goal that your soul chose to realise
  • to feel more confident in yourself
  • to have faith in your life and promote your spiritual growth

In order to create your personal numerologic chart reading, all i need is your name, surname and date of birth. Each letter corresponds to a numeric value, and by combining and calculating them, it’s possible to know your soul’s number, your active number, your hereditary number etc. Furthermore, the date of birth is connected to your destiny number, and suggests you the best direction to take in order to develop and fulfill your soul’s mission. 

When you book the session, i will ask your data and prepare your numerologic chart reading. Once it’s ready, then we can schedule a session in person or in video to go through it in details.



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